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Pearl is from the TV series Steven Universe, and is the property of Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. This bio contains some spoilers for the series.

Pearl more or less appears to be a tall, very slim human woman with short, peach-colored hair, blue eyes, and a very large pearl set in the center of her forehead. Her skin is pearly white, but she blushes blue. Her movements are generally precise and graceful, with occasional balletic flourishes.

Pearl is not a human woman. She is a gem, a member of an alien race whose primary interest is colonizing other planets and plundering them for their resources. Their culture has a strict social hierarchy, with every type of gem created for a specific purpose. In defiance of these traditions, Pearl joined a rebellion under the command of Rose Quartz to defend the earth from Homeworld's colonization efforts. Six thousand years later, the war long (apparently) won, she is still on Earth. She still only has a vague interest in or understanding of human customs and concepts.

In addition to advanced engineering skills, excellent swordsmanship, and extreme perfectionist tendencies, she has some magical abilities. The pearl in her forehead can store objects (including her preferred weapon, a spear) and project images, including her own dreams and memories; she can also use it to create holographic doubles of herself which she has programmed as combat training opponents. She can telekinetically manipulate certain substances: in canon, we see her use sand and clouds. She can sing.

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